Burial or Cremation

There is a common but inaccurate perception in Ireland that a cremation costs considerably less than a burial. In actual fact, the significant cost difference occurs only when a family does not already possess a family grave plot, and thereby have to incur the cost of a new plot, which can indeed be expensive. Plot prices can vary, so Staffords are always available to provide you with accurate cost information on every level.

In general, burial costs a little more than cremation. The cost of opening an existing grave in Dublin is between €700-€1020. A Cremation can cost between €510-€630 but extra costs accrue depending on your chosen options like booking a place in the Garden of Remembrance. Another factor for consideration is the choice of coffin. With cremation, people often, though not always, opt for a lighter, plainer type of wood coffin in the knowledge that the coffin is cremated along with the deceased.


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