Advance Funeral Planning

A traditional part of a Funeral Director’s service is to facilitate those clients who wish to fully plan their funeral, often many years before they would reasonably expect to pass away.

If the client chooses to pay for their funeral along with pre-planning the ceremony, then this can prove to be a cost effective method. The Undertaker will accept payment from the client, on the basis that this price will hold good into the future in terms of Funeral Directors expenses, the External Payments / Disbursements may increase over time. The Funeral Director will advise you on your best course of action in terms of value for your money. Another option is that the client can set up a bank account specific to their funeral wishes, and entrust care of this account to a family member on their passing. Again, your Undertaker is available for any queries in regard to this.

When a client wishing to pre-plan their funeral approaches Staffords, the Undertaker sets up a meeting in order to discuss all aspects of the funeral to take place at a future date. All aspects of the event are discussed, burial or cremation, the type of wake, removal and Funeral Mass or Service required, and everything from the coffin, the clothes, flowers, church music, and transportation options for the family.

The Funeral Director will then present the client with a written proposal, outlining all the requirements in detail, and undertaking to carry out the wishes of the client in the event of his or her passing.