Dublin funeral costs

Funerals can vary greatly in cost, depending on all the different elements and choices made by the family. Basically, the funeral costs can be broken into two arenas, the fee charged by the Funeral Director, and the Disbursements made on your behalf by the Undertaker to the various bodies involved like the Church, the County Councils in charge of the Graves, the Crematoriums.

The Disbursements are generally set in stone, in that specific charges apply in terms of grave openings, music options, or church offerings. Again, your Funeral Director will guide you through the various choices so you can make an informed decision.

The Funeral Directors charges offer many alternatives. So, for example, we will give you a broad selection of quality coffins to choose from, all varying in cost.

At Stafford’s, our ethos around cost has always been one of flexibility and choice. We strongly believe that the family should dictate the cost of the funeral to a large extent, and so we strive to ensure that your choices are clear, and that good value is available to you across the board.

Spending quality time with you discussing all your options is our proven successful way of ensuring that the final cost of your family funeral is one that suits your budget. At a time of deep loss and sadness, nobody needs to have extra worry or confusion around cost issues. No query is too small in this regard. Good clear discussions can provide reassurance, allowing you as a family to focus on your dearly departed loved one, and the healing benefits that an appropriately planned funeral can bring to a grieving process